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Meet the Candidate 2012 when running for US House 11 v. Phil Gingrey

Patrick Thompson is the only Democrat competing for the District 11 U.S. House of Representatives seat. He'll compete against the Republican nominee after the July 31 primary.

What made you want to run for office?

I'm running to represent District 11 in Congress because, like most of you, I don't feel represented in Washington. I'm disappointed in the way lobbyists, money, the media, and partisanship is dictating what's being worked on by this Congress. So, I'm running for public service because I don't feel like we the people have a voice and we're not getting anything accomplished towards getting our economy back on track.

I've personally experienced the outsourcing of American jobs in an unbalanced global market, had TARPed mega banks buy up all my credit cards/mortgage lines, credit card rates climb to ridiculous percentages, homes and neighbors in his area foreclose, developers go bankrupt leaving entire developments and shopping centers empty, huge losses in family retirement funds, managing a family without health insurance while facing the high cost of COBRA, the higher cost of higher Education and the piracy of private education loans, building codes and planning infrastructure ignored, the harmful, monopolized results of public utility/telco decisions and rates, and the economic pain of lack of infrastructure planning for necessities like transportation, food safety, gasoline and water.

What are the most important issues facing District 11 in the future?

After talking with citizens, it's clear we need to focus on four interrelated areas:

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