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Donations of $56 or more will not only run this campaign but help those displaced in Ukraine. Your donations will help deploy inflatable solar lights with power attachments to people displaced by this conflict - helping them stay connected and safe, aiding in education and business continuity.

Remember, this campaign does not take donations, trips, or gifts from corporate, industrial, or dark sources as my opponent does. Small donations of any amount are all that's really necessary. My campaign needs are listed. 


Your digital donation will be tracked by ActBlue and will be processed thru Amalgamated Bank in New York, the only union-owned bank, a remnant of the days when clothing workers could obtain no banking services. This is the official bank of the Democratic Party and profit at this bank goes towards progressive causes.


Don't you love the fundraising season from politicians. News media reports these numbers like it's some badge of honor or strength of character or electability. My responsible budget after paying for registration is only to pay for things like a web site and tools for you to communicate with me as constituents, some marketing documents and physical signage for awareness purposes - that's it. My plan is simple - the job requires 42 days of attendance in exchange for about $17k in salary. Listening to constituents during the remainder of the year to find and promote good solutions is the key to helping Georgians and, like Lucy in Peanuts, my office is open.


Patrick Thompson, as he's committed to in government and business, accepts no lobby money from corporations or industries. Our entire Senate agenda for the last decade has been written by out-of-State lobbyists and does not include the policies Georgians really need.

On January 21, 2010 with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government. But human beings are people, corporations are legal fictions. We, the People of the United States of America, reject Citizens United and other related cases that bring foreign and dark money to our government. Money is not speech and human beings are entitled to constitutional rights. 

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