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District Map

Current Georgia Senate District 56 includes SE Cherokee Co, NE Cobb County, and a Western sliver of Fulton County. The latest gerrymandered District from our current set of Senators in their attempts to protect their majority - 191,000 souls reside here. Lines are drawn and approved by the majority Party.


The Gaming of our Districts from the Founding Fathers forward and its getting worse. 

Gerry­man­der­ing is a polit­ical tactic nearly as old as the United States. In design­ing Virgini­a’s very first congres­sional map, Patrick Henry attemp­ted to draw district bound­ar­ies that would block his rival, James Madison, from winning a seat. But gerry­man­der­ing has also changed dramat­ic­ally since the found­ing: today, intric­ate computer algorithms and soph­ist­ic­ated data about voters allow map draw­ers to game redis­trict­ing on a massive scale with surgical preci­sion. To be fair, both Parties have used the 10 year redraw to their favor, but Republicans made it a Science and a strategy to win legislation and elections forever.


The For the People Act, a land­mark piece of federal demo­cracy reform legis­la­tion that has already passed the House, repres­ents a major step toward curb­ing polit­ical games­man­ship in map draw­ing. The bill would enhance trans­par­ency, strengthen protec­tions for communit­ies of color, and ban partisan gerry­man­der­ing in congres­sional redis­trict­ing. It would also improve voters’ abil­ity to chal­lenge gerry­mandered maps in court. Tell your Senators to act responsibly.

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