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Candidate Comparison

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Don't you wish there was a media channel that covered our public representatives and their scorecards as much as our sports personalities? We know more about a no-name outfielder and their performance statistics than we do about people that we pay to represent us.


Here's an easy comparison between choices as your next Senate Representative in the 56th District...take Party out of it and really be honest with your choices - listen to how they vote and their actions, not rhetoric:

Top Voter Concerns                                             Patrick Thompson                                                                      John Albers

Healthcare Access & Affordability      Yes to Medicaid Expansion for All, Pharma         No, Proud of his own Medical Miracle, Denies Healthcare

                                                                    Negotiations, Medicare for All                                to 100s of Thousands of Georgians, Failed to Grow HC

                                                                                                                                                         Jobs here, Sends our tax dollars to other States

Public Education Support &                Yes to more fully funding public education           No, Cheer-leaded failed schools takeover by Gov, supports

Workforce Development                       & protecting educator retirement & higher pay      taxes for priv school use, has no voting record of support for

                                                                  for Education professionals, move to electric        public education initiatives, losing quality educators,

                                                                  bus fleets, maintain student food assistance         supports book bans & school board interference, zero 

                                                                  fully supports vocational & non-college tracks       efforts to attract employers to pub/priv training

Grow Transit Options                           Yes to expanding Marta & light rail to people,        No to anything but more asphalt & lane additions, no trains,

                                                                   supports comprehensive integration planning      no options & no investment & no plan, keeps us all 

                                                                   between all communities, this District has no       bogged down in congestion, no understanding of how this

                                                                   coordinated transportation plan                               compounds inflation & supply chain problems

Support for Women's Reproductive    Yes to full support of women's rights to             No support for women's reproductive rights, supports

 Rights & ERA                                            making their own reproductive decisions,         Kemp heartbeat rule, no relief for incest or rape cases,

                                                                    full support for GA ERA movement, one of        questionable on life of the mother, State maintains one of                                                                            only a couple of male participants in                  the worst records for quality of care for mothers & infant

                                                                   hearings                                                                     mortality. No on Equal Rights Amendment

Public Safety & Crime Control           Yes to responsible gun ownership & training        No public safety concerns, supports more guns in more

                                                                 requirements. No to assault rifles & high                 places, big supporter of Campus Carry & Constitutional

                                                                 capacity mags. Minimum age requirements,          Carry with no background checks, Public Safety Comm

                                                                 mental health support pre- and post-incidents       on Schools concluded more guns & no universal solutions

                                                                                                                                                          but more active shooter drills & more police 

Responsible Taxation

Effective Government

Lobby Money


Safety Net                                                         

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